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DPF Cleaning

Autoparts UK LTD offer a Same day DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaning service throughout Surrey & Sussex and a next day service throughout the UK.

The Flash-clean system works by using a pre-heated chemical solution that is forced through the DPF at pressure and pulsated to remove all particulate matter oil and all other residual deposits.

This process is available for all types of vehicle, including HGV’s, commercial vans, buses, catalysts, Euro 6 and SCR’s. This versatility comes from the design of the Flash Cleaner, which contains advanced software that allows the machine to adapt to any type of DPF or catalyst. This process ensures that your DPF will be restored to original factory efficiency.

Autoparts-uk clutch

Flow rate report

All units cleaned are accompanied by a full printout report that confirms the flow rate before and after the cleaning process, there is a 99% success rate for this type of cleaning service.

Fast Turn Around

Same day service available locally, next day service throughout the UK.

Trade Discounts

Typical car or light commercial £179.00 + VAT, trade discount available.