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About Autoparts UK

Autoparts-UK Ltd has been trading since 1994 having changed its name from Southern Autocore in 2005 to better suit its market place and activities.

Originally the company was set-up to arrange the collection of clutches in the South of England hence the original name Southern Autocore.

Aftermarket since the early days when remanufacturing of automotive components was at its peak due to high OEM prices and the substantial savings made by purchasing remanufactured parts and clutches in particular

The trend changed from remanufactured parts to new parts imported from China and although at first there was an influx of sub-standard parts from the East the quality is now much improved and needed to in-fill on parts with a high scrap rate that are beyond an economic repair for remanufacture.

Now there is new growth in the remanufacturing industry due to in part the green agenda but largely down to the wide volume of application/part numbers required for order fill.

The product lines and volumes have steadily grown each year with all car and light commercial parts suitable for manufacturing being catered for including a new generation of electronic parts.

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